The ServiceNow ecosystem grew by 40% since Knowledge17. This is more growth than ServiceNow's own revenue growth. Yes, the power of the partner is in full effect. Some ‍‍‍of the new firms we met and will be profiling in the near future include: CompanyA, Company B, and CompanyC. We distill our new learnings to the following themes: ThemeA, ThemeB, and ThemeC. Below is...‍‍‍









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Digital Imperatives is a fresh and fascinating approach to research coverage of a fast-growing large cloud ecosystem.

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A critical element is missing in the analysis of major cloud computing firms...the health of firms in the ecosystem. Tens of thousands of people from thousands of partner firms attend the annual conferences and fill massive exhibit halls. Firms like Microsoft fully embrace partners whereas other firms have a split approach. Neither is perfect for all firms, but everyone in the ecosystem needs to monitor the trends, growth, and the ways  partners are winning. This is us.

We begin with coverage of three key cloud ecosystems: AWS, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. We strive to publish formally once a week. We chose the name ECOvCO to represent the reality that a competition exists even between long-standing partnerships.  The numbers "70v20" refer to our focus being 70% on firms and trends in the ecosystem, 20% on the platform company around which the ecosystem orbits, and a mere 10% on the occasional insight on the platform company's competitors.

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Competitor Profile: FreshService

It is rare for us to find a competitor of any real size enter the ServiceNow competitive ecosystem, so we take time to share unique insights about the ones that are known, especially when we hear major partners sharing stories about customers choosing an alternate platform all together such that the partner who provides services only on the ServiceNow platform cannot win any part of the engagement...




ServiceNow 1Q18 Highlights

Our live notes from the earnings call can be found on our Slack channel, but here are the answers to the five questions we outlined before the call. First, we wanted more insight on the channel contribution coming more/less from new partners. Based on the responses, we believe the company is focused more on its largest partners. This...